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International audience of government senior officials, policymakers, sustainability bodies, technology and industry leaders, and academia.

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Bringing a global network of experts to Qatar. Exploring the next level of innovation in sustainable mobility, from a technology, research, and policy perspective.

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Acknowledging first-movers in academic advancements and innovative, sustainable technologies.

Autonomous E-mobility Forum

E-Mobility in the wider context of global sustainability and energy diversification efforts has been at the forefront of international governments’ and industry considerations for a number of years.

Autonomous, or driverless, e-Mobility can be outlined as the next level of technological innovation in the sustainable mobility space. While imperative for a sustainable future, both dimensions, electricity-powered vehicles and driverless mobility, remain in a research and development phase, technologically, as well as from a policy perspective.

The Autonomous e-Mobility Forum, hosted by the Ministry of Transport of the State of Qatar, and held under the patronage of His Excellency, Jassim Saif Ahmed Al Sulaiti, Minister of Transport, is set to become the pioneering exchange platform focusing on driverless e-Mobility, a topic of global significance and urgency. The multilateral event is designed to bring together an international network of senior officials, policy and technology experts, including speakers and representatives from government, industry, academia, the media, and hundreds of attendees. It will provide a timely platform for stakeholders to gather and develop know-how and recommendations toward the actual implementation of autonomous e-Mobility in a real-world setting.

The three-day Autonomous e-Mobility Forum event will provide a timely occasion for international stakeholders to further their know-how and develop recommendations towards the implementation of autonomous e-mobility in a real-world setting.

  • Explore topics related to Autonomous e-Mobility through keynotes, panel discussions, and educational breakout sessions.

  • Connect with global peers and subject matter experts.

  • Strengthen international relationships with groups facing similar opportunities and challenges.

  • Immerse into a multilateral platform for constructive exchange in a sustainability innovation space.

E-Mobility in the wider context of sustainability and energy diversification efforts has been central to governments’ and industry considerations for several years. From the onset, the AEMOB Forum in Qatar has been designed as a first-mover in creating a multilateral platform for constructive exchange in a sustainability innovation space that is of utmost global importance.



A specific strategic dimension related to Autonomous e-Mobility, curated by expert international figures, will be introduced for the first time. The new mobility paradigm is based on advantageous technology, with technological advancements, research, and development venturing beyond new frontiers, calling for global technological and technical standards and harmonization.


The evolution of Autonomous e-Mobility is complex, and will have global impact. We explore why the new mobility paradigm will bring about massive change and what affected markets should expect. From a legal and policy perspective, the current landscape is very heterogeneous, with uncoordinated standards and policies hampering global synchronization. We deliver thoughts and suggestions for a set of worldwide standards and policies.


In Autonomous e-Mobility, ecology, and economy are not considered as two distinct, but rather complementary entities. We identify how the synergy of ecology and economy is critical and beneficial. We also address how the new mobility paradigm is expected to positively contribute to globally defined sustainability goals.


We explore value proposition and benchmarks of the new mobility paradigm and provide an outlook on potential cities where the new paradigm is promising. We investigate ways through which cities around the world can see different advancements and highlight the implementation of benchmarks.


We propose educational and community development activities to be introduced by government, academia, industry, and communication sectors worldwide to propel the new mobility paradigm further. We provide insights into academic questions and advancements, and the significant role of academia in the progression of Autonomous e-Mobility.


Our Official Host, The Ministry of Transport, provides insight into the Local sustainable transport eco-system and Qatar’s promising position in the new mobility paradigm. We explore Qatar’s best practices and the successful implementation of sustainable transport initiatives that contribute significantly towards the Qatar National Vision 2030.


As part of our objective to deliver a multi-dimensional program, we offer our Local and International Strategic Partners the opportunity to define a topic based on their knowledge, experience, challenges, and growth opportunities. Further details on this topic to be revealed in the coming months.


While a number of related events have been conceptualized internationally, the AEMOB Forum in Qatar will be distinct by gathering subject matter leaders from all over the world to jointly discuss sustainable mobility from a technology, research, and policy perspective.


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